Pullmaster Equal Speed Planetary Hydraulic Winch - Auger Operation

Pullmaster is a premier winch manufacturer that supplies winches to nearly every mechanical industry. Pullmaster makes several versions of their winches, all manufactured in Canada for the parent company TWG, a division of The Dover Company. Go2Hydraulics is proud to be a Pullmaster Dealer.

The PL and M Series Equal Speed Winch / Hoist offers;

  • Twelve basic models providing line pull capacities from 1,100 to 80,000 lb.
  • Equal Speed planetary winches offer maximum torque in both directions of
    rotation and give operators maximum control over the load.
  • Used in applications that require precise lifting and lowering and load suspension.

Rapid Reverse Equal Speed Planetary Hydraulic Winch - Foresty Operation

The H Series Rapid Reverse Winch / Hoist offers;

  • Pulling capacities from 3,800 to 85,000 lbs.
  • Reverse speeds that are 4.5 times faster than forward speeds.
  • Used in applications that include lighter loads or swing functions.
  • Ideal for a variety of applications including fishing, dredging and marine applications.

The PL and M Freefall Series Winch / Hoist offers;

  • Pulling capacities from 2,000 to 50,000 lbs.
  • Operators to lift and lower loads at controlled speeds or lower at high velocities.
  • Emergency Free Fall enables the full release of a load much like an emergency load release function on a hydraulic crane or driver. Ideal in applications where a load needs to be dropped at a high velocity.
  • Controlled Free Fall allows one-third of the winch’s rated line pull capacity to be released in a controlled free fall where the load can be brought to a smooth stop at any point on the way down.
  • Combination Emergency and Controlled Free Fall offers both free fall options.

Recovery Planetary Hydraulic Winch

In addition to the above three Series, Pullmaster also makes Recovery (R) Series winches for pulling and recovering heavy equipment and vehicles. Pullmaster offers four winch models specifically designed for heavy-duty recovery operations. The recovery winches offer pulling capacities from 11,021 to 15,492 lbs.

Model Code

Freefall Planetary Hydraulic Winch

The Pullmaster model code  is broken into a combination of several letters and numbers. For example – PL8-3-30-1

  • PL tells you the Basic Unit Series, in this case, an Equal Speed Winch.
  • 8 is the Size of the Unit, 8,000 pound bare drum line pull.
  • 3 is the type of brake (common setups are 3 and 7), both of which are automatic brake, clockwise drum rotation.
  • 30 is the size of the hydraulic motor.
  • 1 is the drum size (the smallest available drum on the winch frame).

Here is a full explanation of the Pullmaster winch model code.


The Featured Manufacturer of Go2Hydraulics parts is the Eaton Corporation.

Eaton History

Go2Hydraulics is proud to supply Eaton hydraulic parts. For nearly 100 years the Eaton Corporation has been serving its customers with quality engineered products. From the early beginnings of a small truck parts supplier to a multinational diversified industry giant, Eaton has undergone much expansion and adaptation to meet  growing needs.

  •  1911 – J. O. Eaton, brother-in-law Henning O. Taube and V. V. Torbensen incorporated the Torbensen Gear and Axle Co. in Bloomfield, NJ. The company built seven axles by hand in 1911. Six years later, axle production had increased to 33,000.
  • 1914 – Torbensen Gear and Axle moved to Cleveland and incorporated as the Torbensen Axle Co.
  •  1917-1923 – Torbensen Axle Co. was sold to Republic Motor Truck Co., the nation’s largest truck manufacturer and Torbensen’s biggest customer. In 1922 J. O. Eaton bought back his original company, from Republic Motor Truck Co. By 1923 the company changed name to The Eaton Axle and Spring Co.
  • 1932 – The company name was changed to Eaton Manufacturing Co.
  • 1930-1946 acquisitions – 1930, control of Wilcox-Rich Corp. (engine valves, tappets, valve seat inserts, hardened and ground engine parts), making Eaton the largest manufacturer of auto valves and tappets in the world, and the Peterson Spring Co. (coil springs). 1935, Detroit Motor Valve Co. 1946 Dynamatic Corp., Kenosha, WI (eddy current power devices).
  • 1949 – J.O. Eaton dies at the age of 75.
  • 1958-1970 acquisitions – 1958, Fuller Manufacturing Co. (heavy-duty truck transmissions). 1963, Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co. (locks and hardware, and materials handling equipment) and Dole Valve Co. (appliance and automotive valves). 1968, Fawick Corp. (clutches, brakes and compound rubber golf club grips) and American Monorail Co. (overhead conveyor cranes and stackers). 1969, Tinnerman Products, Inc. (fasteners), Cleveland, and McQuay-Norris Manufacturing Co. (automotive parts distribution) and Troy Tool Products Co. Inc., Pinebrook, NJ (micro-miniature connectors for electronics and communications industries).
  • 1970 – Acquired Char-Lynn Co. (hydraulic motors for agriculture and industrial equipment).

From the 1922 buy-back from Republic Motor Trucks

From 1971 on, the Eaton Corporation settled on the name that is now used. During the economic surges and recessions of the 70’s through the new century, Eaton remained dynamic in acquiring divisions and companies that furthered their agenda while selling off other production lines at handsome profit. Eaton has served the industries it produces for, the public consumer and its shareholders well.

In a growth spurt from 2004 until present, Eaton Corporation has acquired or formed joint ventures with; Changzhou Senstar Automobile Air Conditioner Co. Ltd., Ultronics Limited, Electrum Group Ltd., FAW Jiefang Automotive Co. Ltd., Powerware Corp., Walterscheid Rohrverbindungstechnik GmbH, Pigozzi S.A. Engrenagens e Transmissões, Winner Group Holdings Ltd., Morestana S.A. de C.V., Tractech Holdings, Inc., Hayward Industries., Pringle Electrical, Cobham plc’s aerospace fluid and air division., PerkinElmer’s aerospace division., Synflex, Ronningen-Petter, Catalytica Energy Systems Inc., Senyuan International Holdings Ltd., Schreder-Hazemeyer, Power Products Ltd., AT Holdings Corp., Aphel Technologies Ltd., Saturn Electronics & Engineering Inc., SMC Electrical Products Inc.’s, Pulizzi Engineering, Babco Electric Group, Schneider Electric’s MGE UPS Systems and Arrow Hose & Tubing Inc.

2010 Solaris Bus & Coach (Poland) w/ Eaton’s electric hybrid power system

Eaton Corporation has business relations in the US, South America, Europe, China, Poland, Mexico and dozens more countries. Go2Hydraulics also has an international presence with parts shipped to over 175 countries to date!

Go2Hydraulics offers hydraulic pumps, motors, transmissions, valves, cylinders, controls, hose and fittings from Eaton and other manufacturers. Whether you need a replacement part, repair or an upgrade for your agriculture, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, construction or stationary hydraulic equipment, Go2Hydraulics has the part for you. Can’t find the part you are looking for? Let our professional staff help you with our product request service!

Mariner Supply Inc. is a diversified company.

We are a successful global supplier of hydraulic components through Go2hydraulics,  and marine products through Go2marine and recreational parts through ShopRVparts. Our staff brings over 40 years experience in the repair, operation and engineering of hydraulic systems to a dynamic field.

We pride ourselves in offering; the best selection of products available, a first-class technical support staff and an extensive library of hydraulic documents.

We supply an inventory of hydraulic parts and subcomponents and serve as a distributor for a wide range of hydraulic parts including pumps, motors, valves, seals, seal kits, hose and tubing, fittings, winches, and other operational equipment.

We ship to over 175 countries from multiple warehouses around the United States and offer more than a decade of international on-line sales experience.